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Exo Stardium (༎ຶ௰༎ຶ)

yixing dragging luhan to dance with him

Adorable Yixing ft  squishysoo (trans )

[TRANS] EXO-M Run Lyrics (By ear from comeback show perf) 


Translated by ear. Words in italics mean that I’m not 100% sure it is correct.

My purpose of translating this is simply because I love this song after hearing it at the comeback show and want to give people a preview of the meaning of the song. AND BECAUSE THERE IS XINGDAE DUET (and Xiuhan!). I…

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Lay showing us his guitar/piano/freestyle/composition skills (live).

  1. New Endless Love (2012, Guitar)
  2. Call You Mine (ft. Kris, Piano)
  3. Peter Pan (Guitar)
  4. New Endless Love (2013, Guitar)
  5. 給媽媽的一首歌 (Guitar)
  6. Freestyle (ft. Kris, Piano)
  7. Showtime (ft. Chanyeol, Guitar)
  8. Showtime 2 (ft. Chen, Baek & Tao, Guitar)
  9. In The Waiting Room (Piano)
  10. Cristina (Piano)

imagine you’re sitting in front of Lay…

imagine you’re sitting in front of Lay…

EXO; then and now

layhan being normal